FAST REPORTS. Guaranteed home inspection report within 24 hours! Most cases the report will be emailed that day. With the addition of the Digital Continuous Radon Monitor, once the 48 hour test is complete, the radon report will be available same day as well.

24/7 ONLINE SCHEDULING. At T3 Inspections you have access to the most convenient way ever to schedule a home inspection- right on your smart phone or computer! Click "SCHEDULE NOW" anywhere on the site and you will be immediately directed to the 24/7 Online Scheduling page. I learned from experience the value of knowing when your home inspector is available. Whether you are coordinating a time with your clients or working those crazy hours of the day, know that T3 Inspections Online is ready for you. This will make the selling/ buying process go just a little smoother. 

KNOWLEDGEABLE . I can't remember a time when I was not learning about homes. Through a family business I was involved with building and construction starting at a very young age . After college, I got my real estate license where I learned about homes from a completely different angle. As a realtor I discovered the importance of a home inspector within real estate transactions as well as what made a good inspector. Then in 2013, I started the extensive classes and training to become a home inspector. After two years I completed all the requirements and today I am ready to serve this community as one of the best home inspectors around!